Helping Flutists to become Masterful Musicians

The Granados Music Institute

At The Granados Music Institute we are passionate about helping flutists achieve mastery of their instrument and find focus and meaning in their career development. Through a new groundbreaking program based on the Granados Method, and a comprehensive curriculum that balances musical training with life coaching techniques developed by Anna Conigliari, its aim is to cultivate the skills necessary for artistic success in the 21st century, and to train flutists to become masterful musicians.

Located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, The Granados Music Institute is founded by international flute soloist and master teacher, Marco Granados, and Anna Conigliari, flutist and life-coach for musicians.

The Granados Music Institute is geared toward the development of flutists at the graduate and post-graduate level. Spanning the duration of an academic year, The Granados Music Institute offers a comprehensive, two-phase program whereby each phase is intended to develop a specific skillset. The curriculum is designed to help give each participant the support they need through individual lessons and private sessions, combined with courses that will help create the skills every musician needs.

The Granados Method and its scientific based approach is used for all lessons and masterclasses at the Institute. Its flow based principles form the core of the technique taught to all participants who attend.

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